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AirPatrol is Now on Cozify

AirPatrol WiFi Cozify
The teams at AirPatrol and Cozify are proud to announce that starting November 1st, the AirPatrol WiFi is now fully integrated into the product collection of the Cozify Hub. So if you already own a Cozify Hub, ... read more

Build Your First Smart Home in 5 Easy Steps

Build your first smart home
Are you thinking about turning your regular home into a Smart Home? Smart Home and iOT are all the rage these days, but if you are on the outside looking in it can be overwhelming at first glance. So, where ... read more

Brace Yourself, Winter is Coming

AirPatrol WiFi
With winter quickly approaching, it’s now time to start thinking about the best ways to beat the cold. With the AirPatrol WiFi controller, you can keep your home warm and cozy, while saving energy and money at ... read more

3 Reasons To Have A Smart AC in Your Home

In the age of internet of things (IoT), there is already an abundance of gadgets on the market aiming to add the smart to people’s homes and make their lives more comfortable. One of the most important and ... read more

NEW Product! AirPatrol SmartSocket

Best Smart Home Devices
The AirPatrol team are proud to announce our newest product in our line-up, the AirPatrol SmartSocket. The SmartSocket is like it sounds, a smart way to control your electrical outlets and sockets from your ... read more

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