Top 8 Smart Home Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Smart Home Christmas Gifts

The team at AirPatrol believes a smarter home is a better home. With so much capability and technology at our fingertips, we look at some of the Christmas 2016 must-haves to kit out your home with the latest tech around. Whether you’re looking for a safer home, a cleaner home or a more efficient home this definitive list of the top 8 smart home Christmas gifts will make sure that you start 2017 a little more technologically advanced and comfortable at home.

Sengled – Pulse

The perfect gift for the music lover in your life. The Pulse will turn any socket into a high quality stereo and lighting system. Just twist the bulb in, and you can have complete control from any bluetooth device. You can now perfectly match the lighting mood, and musical ambience from one place, without any additional cords or wires.

App Platforms: iOS, Android


Awair claims that your indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoors, and they have the perfect solution to make sure you have the highest quality and safest air in your home. Awair will test your home air for toxins, chemicals, dust, humidity and temperature. Not only that, but it will give you suggestions to improve your air quality, and track your progress over time. An ideal gift for any family or friend who wants to keep a safe and healthy home environment.

Integrations: Nest, Alexa, WeMo

Platforms: iOS, Android

AirPatrol Wifi & SmartSocket Combo

The AirPatrol SmartSocket is one of the best all around smart plugs on the market. You can control any electrical outlet from anywhere in the world from the comfortable AirPatrol mobile applications, while getting full energy consumption information. You can add unlimited plugs to one application, and unlimited applications to one plug. With the front LED’s you can see visually your real time power consumption based on the color of the light. To operate the SmartSocket requires the AirPatrol WiFi.

Integrations: IFTTT (Coming Soon!)

Platforms: iOS, Android

AirPatrol WiFi
AirPatrol WiFi

Buy Now for $169

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

The Smart Garden 9 is the perfect gift for the green thumb, or perhaps better suited for the black thumb in your family. It is a beautifully designed, self-growing garden that revolutionizes how your fresh food is grown.Click and grow has specially developed Smart Soil and built-in sensors make sure plants get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients so your plants thrive with zero effort. Your first order also comes with 9 complementary lettuce refills! Unfortunately this is only on pre-order, but we thought it was so awesome we had to share.


Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock

Bonjour is the alarm clock that aims to become your personal assistant and the perfect Christmas gift for the tech lover in your family. This isn’t just any alarm clock, it is a self proclaimed revolutionary voice controlled and a.i. enhanced alarm clock. Bonjour can tell you the weather, give you reminders, warn of traffic, and remind you to exercise and sleep. The alarm clock will also learn over time your routine and habits and adapt to you, so everyone gets a customizes alarm clock experience. With integrations with IFTTT and Alexa the possibilities are endless with Bonjour.

Integrations: IFTTT, Alexa

PetNet – Smart Pet Feeder

Pretty much perfect for any pet lover you know. This device gives you the best gift of all, not having to worry about your pets having enough food while you are away. You can automate your pets feeding schedule, measure the proper portions and food type. You can travel and know that your pet is it good hands with the Smart Pet Feeder. Order now and get $20 off before Christmas.


HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror

Not just one for the ladies here, because most men have adopted skincare as an important part of their own daily routine. The mirror comes equipped with a built-in camera which will analyse your facial condition to assess aspects like wrinkles, dark spots, circles even your pores to deliver vital information. It can then recommend the perfect products for you to keep your face looking sharp and make sure you stay looking younger than ever. You can also keep track of your progress over time and see the positive changes you are making. If you order now you can still get it before Christmas. 

Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower

There are tons of us who have green thumbs and enjoy nothing more than a lovely day spent doing the gardening… but, there are also those of us who loathe anything green and hate having to mow the lawn so often. Rest assured there’s a gadget for that! – The Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower takes all the back-breaking labour out of cutting the grass and allows you to simply pull it out of the garage and set it to work for you!

This little workhorse can cut through half an acre of grass in no time flat and intelligently decides for you if it should mow, based on humidity as well as being able to handle slopes as steep as 35 percent incline (most cars can’t handle that). It has some seriously tough steel blades and comes equipped with an anti-theft PIN code and a child safety lock!

Make sure to let us know below if we missed any of your favorites.

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