Introducing: AirPatrol SmartHeat

Coming this March the AirPatrol team is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new and innovative product, The AirPatrol SmartHeat.

The launch comes after nearly two years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears to deliver an outstanding, smart heating system to our customers.

The SmartHeat is a system designed to truly create a smart heating environment in your home. The only requirement is having an underfloor, water-based heating system.

Here we will go through the SmartHeat system, and how it will help make your life easier, more comfortable, and ultimately save money.

SmartHeat RoomUnits (wireless thermostats)

The SmartHeat comes with wireless thermostats, aka RoomUnits that can be placed in each room. With a wireless thermostat in every room, you will be able to have maximum control over every room or “heating zone” in your house.

The RoomUnits have a sleek and elegant white design to match almost any home interior. On the front of the RoomUnit there is a beautiful backlight LED screen which gives you a complete overview including room temperature, outside temperature, and mode.

There are two types of RoomUnits to suit every home, including standard and Infrared Models. The RoomUnit IR (pictured above) uses an infrared sensor to detect the temperature from the floor making it ideal for use in bathrooms and sensitive floor materials like hardwood.
SmartHeat Apps

The RoomUnits are not the only way to control the temperature in your home. You can also use the AirPatrol SmartHeat mobile and web applications. These beautifully designed and simple to use applications allow you complete control over your home climate from your fingertips.

SmartHeat Mobile Apps

SmartHeat Mobile Apps
Imagine having control over your entire heating system from the palm of your hand…

Now, it is possible with the SmartHeat mobile applications available on both Android and iOS.

This is the ideal tool to control your home heating system, and everything you need is just a simple click away.

Starting from the home-screen, you get an immediate overview of your home climate including temperatures, timers, alarms and additional notification you have set.
From the timers function, you are able to automate the temperature based on time for every room in your house. Now you can make sure when you leave for work your heating will automatically turn down, and when you get home after a long day you can be sure you are arriving to a warm and cozy home. It’s also possible to set alarms in case something out of the ordinary arises. If at night your child’s room gets a little too chilly, you will get an alert and can take care of the situation as soon as possible. Or on one of the long winter nights it reaches unbelievably cold temperatures outside, you can make sure you home is adapted to keep it warm inside.

You can download the apps and try out the demo for free: iOS download, Google Play Download.

SmartHeat Web Application – AKA the Master Control

AirPatrol SmartHeat Web ApplicationGet a full overview of your whole heating system from the comforts of your laptop or PC.

Using the SmartHeat Web Application will give you the most advanced experience of the system. Everything about the SmartHeat can be set, customized, monitored and controlled from this “master control center”.

You can try out the SmartHeat Web application demo here.

SmartHeat All-in-one ControlUnit

SmartHeat ControlUnit

The ControlUnit is the hub and brain of the SmartHeat system. It is extremely flexible, and can be attached to any underfloor, water-based heating manifold and actuator valves. It connects to each room or zone’s valve, and controls the temperature based on temperature settings coming from the RoomUnits and mobile applications.

The ControlUnit doesn’t just connect to your heating system, but comes with lots of useful extras that can be used to further increase your home efficiency.

  • Temperature Sensors – The SmartHeat comes equipped with seven total temperature sensors.  Just connect temperature sensor to the Control Unit and it will start reading for example heating water temperature, domestic water temperature, outdoor temperature, etc. It is so smart that it even calculates temperature differences for you if needed. Connect up to 6 temperature sensor to measure all the different temperatures plus outdoor temperature.
  • Relay Connections – Comes with three general purpose relays. This means the ControlUnit can be connected to any relevant electrical device such as a boiler, circulation pump or an electrical heater. SmartHeat ControlUnit will make sure that no unnecessary electrical waste is made by turning the devices ON or OFF only when needed.
  • M-Bus Connections – Comes with two M-Bus connections.  SmartHeat ControlUnit can be connected to a heating energy meter and electric energy meter and it’s web or smartphone application will give you a detailed overview of energy usage.

When all of these components are added up it creates a truly smart environment for the place you call home. Get maximum energy efficiency, temperature control, and savings when you install the SmartHeat in your home.

There is much, much more to talk about, and if you want to find out more make sure to check out the SmartHeat homepage.

Let us know in the comments below what you think or any questions you have on how to get your hands on the AirPatrol SmartHeat.



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