3 Reasons To Have A Smart AC in Your Home

In the age of internet of things (IoT), there is already an abundance of gadgets on the market aiming to add the smart to people’s homes and make their lives more comfortable. One of the most important and useful gadgets among them are devices that let you control your home heating from anywhere in the world.

Why are these so important? Well it’s quite simple — over 30% of the world’s energy consumption stems from heating and cooling of buildings, while heating accounts for about 60% of the average household’s energy bill. Although there are numerous benefits for using a smart AC controller, we have highlighted for you three simple, yet compelling reasons:

AirPatrol Smart AC

1. Cut your energy bill by 20–25%
Scientific studies show that you can reduce the heating energy requirements of your home by 20–25% through smart control of the heat source (e.g. A/C or heat pump). Lowering set temperatures in your home for periods of absence reduces the energy consumption needed for heating. The more frequently you leave your home and the longer you are absent, the larger the system’s potential energy savings are.

2. Smart AC helps you gain comfort
Never again arrive to a home that is too cold or too hot. Adjust the room temperature to perfection prior to arrival or set up automatic time cues. Instead of driving all the way home to adjust your AC, you can send your commands via smartphone app no matter where you are.
AirPatrol enables you to check the room temperature and humidity from anywhere around the world and sends out alarms when room temperature and humidity levels drop too low or rise too high.

3. Reduce nightly energy use by simple automation
With AirPatrol, you can set automatic time cues for your A/C or heat pump. For example, pre-set a command that lowers your room temperature during night time and put this on repeat for the whole week. Lowering your room temperature by only 1°C will save you 5% more money. Studies also show that cooler room temperature for the night time enhances quality of sleep and being able to save money in the process — it’s a win-win.

Making your AC smart is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save energy, money, and start your smart home. You can get started today, and make you life more convenient and efficient.

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